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 Developing a Field Artillery System
Developing a Field Artillery System

As the library does not have many primary sources on the Mexican War, this library guide provides supplemental information to support you in your research.

Please contact us if you need further assistance or have any questions.

Background Reading

eBook Chapters

  • Birkhimer, William E. (1884). Organization-Field Artillery Since 1821. Historical Sketch of the Organization, Administration, Materiel and Tactics of the Artillery, United States Army, (pp. 54-75). Washington DC: James J. Chapman.
  • Dastrup, Boyd L. (1992). Field Artillery and the New Nation: 1784-1815 & Developing a Field Artillery System: 1815-1861. King of Battle: A Branch History of the U.S. Army's Field Artillery (pp. 35-81). Virginia: United States Army Training and Doctrine Command.
  • Henry, W.S. (1847). Campaign Sketches of the War with Mexico. NY: Harper & Brothers.
  • Mckenney, Janice E. (2007). Reorganizing the Arm. The Organizational History of Field Artillery 1775-2003, (pp. 17-46). Washington DC: Center of Military History.

  • Samuel Ringgold

    eBook Chapters

  • Wynne, James. (1847). Memoir of Major Samuel Ringgold, United States Army: (1847). Baltimore: John Murphy.
  • Online Resources

  • Major Samuel Ringgold[]

  • Articles

  • COL (Ret) Stegmaier, Robert M. (1979). Samuel Ringgold and the "flying batteries". Field Artillery Journal, 47, No.4, 57-59.
  • Downey, Fairfax. (1956). The Flying Batteries: Part 1. Army, 66-68.
  • Downey, Fairfax. (1957). The Flying Batteries: Part 2. Army, 60-64.
  • Stegmaier, Robert M. (1979). Scott: His "Gentlemen"...His "Flying Batteries". West Point Assembly.
  • Swan III, Guy C. (1983). Scott's Engineers. Military Review, 63, No. 3, 61-69.
  • During the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), the U.S. found light-horse artillery was even capable of offensive action independent of other arms. "Flying batteries" fought from exposed forward positions, sometimes within range of enemy musket fire. Employing grape and canister in rapid fire and using quick displacement, artillery was able to break up attacks, protect flanks or conduct an offensive rush. As a result, artillery tactics were recognized in both theory and practice as an important element in any battle plan.

    " --[James Carafano, "A Guide, Readings for Studying History of the Field Artillery"]

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    Bauer, K. Jack. (1974). The Mexican War, 1846-1848. NY: Macmillan.

    Call Number: E404 .B37

    Dillon, Lester Reed. (1968). United States Artillery in Taylor’s Army of Occupation 1845-1847.

    Call Number: E404 .D4

    Smith, Justin Harvey. (1919).The War with Mexico. NY: The Macmillan Company.

    Call Number: E404 .S66 V.1

    The Mexican-American War

    eBook Chapters

  • Anderson, Robert & Lawton, Eba Anderson. (1911). An Artillery Officer in the Mexican War, 1846-7. NY: G.P. Putnam's Sons.
  • Center of Military History. (2006). The Occupation of Mexico: May 1846-July 1848. Washington DC: Center of Military History.
  • Department of War. (1833). A System of Exercise and Instruction of Field-Artillery: Including Manœuvres for Light or Horse-Artillery. Boston: Hilliard, Gray and Company.
  • Articles

  • Ginsburgh, A.R. (1937). O'Brien's Bulldogs. Field Artillery Journal, 27, 3, 182-186.

  • Smith, R.P., Jr. (1998). Staying on the Cutting Edge: Military Professionalism and the Mexican War. Field Artillery Journal.

  • Stegmaier, Robert M. (1984). Through the Smoke of Distant Fires. Field Artillery Journal, 52, 4, 35-41.

  • Trussell, John B.B. Jr. (1949). Guns Before Chapultepec. Field Artillery Journal, 39, 3, 108-110.

  • Artillery

  • Ducan, James. (1908). The Artillery in the Mexican War. Journal of the United States Artillery, Volume 29, (pp.313-316). Fort Sill: Artillery School Press.

  • Johnson, Jameson Riley. (1998). The Birth of Modern Artillery in the 1846-48 War Against Mexico. The Artilleryman Magazine, 20, No.1.

  • Kearful, Jerome. (1950). Doniphan's Artillery. Field Artillery Journal, 40, No. 2.

  • Reilly, James M. (1903). An Artilleryman's Story in the War with Mexico. Journal of the Military Service Institution of the United States, 438-446.

  • Van Deusen, George W. (1895). Our Artillery in the Mexican War. Journal of the Military Service Institution of the United States, 87-96.

  • Student Papers

  • Arnold, A.V. (1928). A Tactical Study of Field Artillery in the Mexican War. Fort Sill: U.S. Field Artillery School.

  • Hensey, Walter R. (1927). The Firing Battery, Mexican War 1845-1848. Fort Sill: U.S. Field Artillery School.


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