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 Field Artillery and the New Nation
Field Artillery and the New Nation

As the library does not have many primary sources on the War of 1812, this library guide provides supplemental information to support you in your research.

Please contact us if you need further assistance or have any questions.

Background Reading

eBook Chapters

  • Dastrup, Boyd L. (1992). Field Artillery and the New Nation: 1784-1815 & Developing a Field Artillery System: 1815-1861. King of Battle: A Branch History of the U.S. Army's Field Artillery (pp. 35-81). Virginia: United States Army Training and Doctrine Command.
  • McKenney, Janice E. (2007). Reorganizing the Arm. The Organizational History of Field Artillery 1775-2003, (pp. 17-46). Washington DC: Center of Military History.

  • Artillery

    Online Sources

  • The Evolution of Artillery []
  • Guns of Gribeauval System []
  • Articles

  • Graves, Donald E. War of 1812. (1992). Field Artillery of the War of 1812: Equipment, Organization, Tactics and Effectiveness. Arms Collecting, 30, No. 2, 39-48.
  • Smith, Digby, trans. (2010). Gribeauval's Objection Toward Regimental Artillery. Smoothbore Ordnance Journal, 2, (05).
  • Summerfield, Stephen, Dr. (2010). Gribeauval and French Ordnance. Smoothbore Ordnance Journal, 2, (04).
  • Summerfield, Stephen, Dr. (2010). Gribeauval in Austrian Service (1758-62). Smoothbore Ordnance Journal, 2, (03).
  • Summerfield, Stephen, Dr. (2010). Gribeauval in France before the Seven Years War (1715-56). Smoothbore Ordnance Journal, 2, (02).
  • Summerfield, Stephen, Dr. (2010). Gribeauval on Austrian Ordnance. Smoothbore Ordnance Journal, 2, (06).
  • Summerfield, Stephen, Dr. (2010). Gribeauval's Early Work. Smoothbore Ordnance Journal, 2, (01).

  • William Congreve/Rockets

    Online Sources

  • History of the Rocket 1804 to 1815 []
  • William Congreve[]
  • William Congreve's Rational Rockets []
  • Articles

  • Brown, Dorris A. (1944). The Army's First Rocket Troops. Our Army, 11.
  • Print Sources

  • Winter, Frank H. (1990). The First Golden Age of Rocketry. Washington DC: Smithsonian Institution.

    TL781 .W56 1990

  • "The War of 1812 left the field artillery with a mixed legacy. With the technological improvements -- lighter guns and modified Gibeauval carriages and equipment -- that had been introduced before the war and organizational and tactical developments borrowed from Europe during the war, American field artillery stood on the brink of a significant breakthrough. With the exception of the Battle of Chippewa and the Battle of Lundy's Lane where gun crews maneuvered their field pieces to support the infantry, combat in broken, wooded country and armies composed of untrained militia, volunteers, and regulars kept the Americans from employing their field artillery as it was intended and demonstrated that uusing field artillery effectively was dependent upon open country with little cover and trained cannoneers. By mounting the Light Artillery Regiment and forming foot artillery batteries in 1812 that served exclusively as field batteries, the War Department revealed that it envisioned field artillery as a special branch of artillery and was making an effort to separate it from coast and seige artillery. Only time would tell if the field artillery would continue in the direction initiated by the war."

    --King of Battle: A Branch History of the U.S. Army's Field Artillery

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    The War of 1812

    eBook Chapters

  • Cruikshank, Ernest A. & Lundy's Lane Historical Society. (1891). The Battle of Lundy's Lane: An Address Delivered Before the Lundy's Lane Historical Society, October 16, 1888. Welland: The Tribune Office.
  • Online Resources

  • Military Resources: War of 1812 []
  • U.S. Army Center of Military History[]
  • Articles

  • Trussell, John B.B. Jr. (1949). Thunder by the River. Field Artillery Journal, 39, 4, 173-175.

  • Print Sources

  • Eisenhower, John S.D. (1999). Agent of Destiny: The Life and Times of General Winfield Scott. OK: University of Oklahoma.

    E403.1 .S4 E5 1999

  • Hickey, Donald R. (2013). The War of 1812: A Forgotten Conflict / Bicentennial ed. IL: University of Illinois Press.

    E354.H53 2012

    Available as an ebook on Overdrive

  • Johnson, Timothy D. (1998). Winfield Scott: The Quest for Military Glory / Edition 1. KS: University Press of Kansas.

    E403.1 .S4J65 1998


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