FA Boards and Conferences

Field Artillery Boards & Conferences


Various boards, conferences, and committees shaped the future of artillery. Part of Alfred Mordecai's Ordnance Board, Artillery for the United States Land Service (1849), formulated the first complete system of artillery for the U.S. Army. Following the Great War, various boards made recommendations for implementing the lessons of 1914-18 and improving Field Artillery. As the Hero, Lassiter, and Westervelt Boards' reports revealed, many Field Artillery officers understood the requirement for making significant changes in Field Artillery. Following World War II, the United States Forces, European Theater, sent out investigators to glean the lessons learned from the war. This led to a mutli-volume report, Forces in the European Theater: General Board, on virtually every aspect of American combat operations in Europe. The U.S. Army Field Artillery focused its concerns on Field Artillery operations during World War II when it assembled leaders at Fort Sill early in 1946, for the Recommendations for Future Developments in Field Artillery Organization, Equipment, and Tecnhique Conference, to determine the Field Artillery lessons learned that would help modernization after the war.


[Text courtesy of Dr. Boyd L. Dastrup, FA Command Historian]