Fort Sill History

History of Fort Sill

The site of Fort Sill was established on January 8, 1869 by Major General Philip H. Sheridan who led a campaign into Indian Territory to stop hostile tribes from raiding border settlements in Texas and Kansas. At first, the garrison was called "Camp Wichita", however Sheridan later named it in honor of his West Point classmate and friend Brigadier General Joshua W. Sill, who was killed during the Civil War.

With the disappearance of the frontier, the mission of Fort Sill gradually changed from Cavalry to Field Artillery. The 39th Field Artillery Battery formed at Fort Sill in 1902 and the last Cavalry regiment departed in May 1907. Fort Sill would eventually become the epicenter for Field Artillery with the establishment of the Field Artillery School in 1911. In 2005, Air Defense Artillery would relocate to join the Field Artillery at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Together they would form the FIRES Center of Excellence.


The Collection

This collection includes various historical documents, photographs, and drawings from throughout Fort Sill's rich history. Many monuments, buildings, and historical landmarks of Fort Sill are included.




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